Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does HomeTown Texas provide?

HomeTown Texas provides Mortgage Loans in Texas and several lending solutions for clients. 

How can I start a Loan Application?

Start a loan by filling out our application form here or find a loan officer here.

I need to speak with someone

Please email us at Clientcare@HTTexas.com or call us directly at (512) 543-2558. 

How long is the loan process?

  Depending on the type of loan the borrower is applying for, a number of documents may be necessary, state of the borrower’s personal finances, the time frame will vary. Typically, the loan process will take anywhere between 10-45 days.

What is pre-qualification?

Pre-Qualification begins your loan process. During pre-qualification, you will gather information on your income and debts and give it to your loan officer. Once the loan officer has this information, they can begin to assess how much the borrower should qualify for when purchasing a home.

If the borrower is considering multiple different loan programs, they should get pre-qualified for each program, as down payment, credit, and debt requirements differ between programs.

Being pre-qualified is not a full analysis of how much the borrower can actually qualify for, other factors may increase or decrease that amount when more in-depth analysis is done later in the loan process. Some of these factors include: credit, length of employment, type of income, debt, liens or judgments, property type or condition, and other issues that come up during the approval process.

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